Kings of the Endless Sea

Session 6

Smooth sailing

Players: Chris Cluck, Jeremy Condon, Amanda Hinkle

The voyage to Monmouth continues, but first the Street Urchins must decide what to do with their new ship. They spend a day repairing the new ship and moving supplies to it; during the day, they spy a pinnace belonging to Cha’ka Graal’s Hands of Graal. The ship moves towards them, but the Street Urchins move both their ships into a threatening position and the Hands of Graal ship moves off.

The next day of sailing is easy and uneventful, but the day after that sees another storm blow up as they sail through the dangerous Near Deeps. A merchant ship caught in the storm asks for their aid, which is freely given, as the Street Urchins help repair a broken mast, snapped ropes, and a hole in the hull. Hexwin Surefoot, the halfling captain of the merchanter, gratefully offers the Street Urchins some brandy and gives them a good price for much of their loot: 900 gp for the two paintings, the silver chalice, and the statuette of Erathis.

The storm continues the next day, and the Street Urchins come upon a Philhomen pinnace caught in battle with a large number of chuuls, giant lobster-like monsters. The Urchins aid the Philhomens, then let them go on their way, somewhat to the surprise of the Philhomen captain. Finally, they reach Monmouth, where they inform the dockmaster of the Philhomen pinnace and ask about selling their ships. The dockmaster, Verger, tells them he will send a buyer their way. The Urchins wait at the Happy Kraken tavern, and are soon approached by a man who buys Filth Fever, the Maggie May, and the fishing boat they took from the frog victims. Asking around at the bar, the Urchins learn of a curio shop belonging to one Meraxes, an elderly eladrin. They find the shop and sell Meraxes the Bloodstone of Morgai and the Belt of Resilience found in the sewers.

Experience per player: 333
Treasure gained: 2,450 gp
Treasure lost: 2 paintings, chalice, statuette of Erathis, Bloodstone, Belt of Resilience, Filth Fever, Maggie May, fishing boat



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