Kings of the Endless Sea

Session 6
Smooth sailing

Players: Chris Cluck, Jeremy Condon, Amanda Hinkle

The voyage to Monmouth continues, but first the Street Urchins must decide what to do with their new ship. They spend a day repairing the new ship and moving supplies to it; during the day, they spy a pinnace belonging to Cha’ka Graal’s Hands of Graal. The ship moves towards them, but the Street Urchins move both their ships into a threatening position and the Hands of Graal ship moves off.

The next day of sailing is easy and uneventful, but the day after that sees another storm blow up as they sail through the dangerous Near Deeps. A merchant ship caught in the storm asks for their aid, which is freely given, as the Street Urchins help repair a broken mast, snapped ropes, and a hole in the hull. Hexwin Surefoot, the halfling captain of the merchanter, gratefully offers the Street Urchins some brandy and gives them a good price for much of their loot: 900 gp for the two paintings, the silver chalice, and the statuette of Erathis.

The storm continues the next day, and the Street Urchins come upon a Philhomen pinnace caught in battle with a large number of chuuls, giant lobster-like monsters. The Urchins aid the Philhomens, then let them go on their way, somewhat to the surprise of the Philhomen captain. Finally, they reach Monmouth, where they inform the dockmaster of the Philhomen pinnace and ask about selling their ships. The dockmaster, Verger, tells them he will send a buyer their way. The Urchins wait at the Happy Kraken tavern, and are soon approached by a man who buys Filth Fever, the Maggie May, and the fishing boat they took from the frog victims. Asking around at the bar, the Urchins learn of a curio shop belonging to one Meraxes, an elderly eladrin. They find the shop and sell Meraxes the Bloodstone of Morgai and the Belt of Resilience found in the sewers.

Experience per player: 333
Treasure gained: 2,450 gp
Treasure lost: 2 paintings, chalice, statuette of Erathis, Bloodstone, Belt of Resilience, Filth Fever, Maggie May, fishing boat

Session 5
Stormy weather

Players: Chris Cluck, Jeremy Condon, Robert Griffin, Grant Martin, Don Thorpe

Having escaped Freeport with their new ship Filth Fever, the Street Urchins decide to make for Monmouth, the nearest port, to provision their ship and fence some of the treasure they’ve found. First they explore their new ship, finding six more crewmen belowdecks. They debate how best to get the crew on their side, and concoct a plan to meet with the crew two by two to either win them over or kill them. The first two they meet with are the two who saw them kill a crewman on the docks of Freeport, and these two refuse to be intimidated, so the Street Urchins kill them and toss their corpses overboard. After that, the rest of the crew, led by a man named Dirk the Ropesman, agree to sign on with the Street Urchins in return for one share of treasure each, a promise not to kill any more of the crew, and the promotion of Dirk to Chief Petty Officer.

It’s a six-day sail to Monmouth, and the journey is quite eventful. Filth Fever loses the first day stuck in the doldrums, and watches a merchant caravan row by, headed for Monmouth. On day two, they get underway in rain that doesn’t otherwise slow them. By day three, the rain has turned to a proper storm, and an abandoned fishing boat bumps up against Filth Fever. Peering down into the boat, the party sees the corpses of a few fishermen, and are suddenly attacked by the giant frogs who killed them. They easily defeat the frogs, but as they rest that night they’re awoken by Dirk, who calls them up top. The storm has worsened even more, and there is a ship nearby. The Street Urchins leap into action to keep their ship from being battered too badly, while drawing nearer to the stranger ship. Soon they see that it’s a pinnace belonging to none other than the Most Honorable Guild of Wealth Redistribution.

They attempt to parley with the ship’s captain, but parley quickly turns to combat when Kun Aguero leaps the gap between ships with a boarding rope in hand. The battle is long and fierce, and Fuzzy and the mage are knocked unconscious, while Kun Aguero is killed after returning to the Guild ship with only one hit point. Bronn the Bold, alone on the enemy ship against two panicked crossbowmen, is dropped with a crossbow bolt through his throat, leaving only Seltous standing aboard Filth Fever— but Bronn immediately stands up, and the vision of a towering slayer returning from the dead in a midnight storm is too much for the remaining Guildsmen, who surrender on the spot.

Experience per player: 590
Treasure gained: Two fine paintings worth 250 gp each, a jeweled chalice worth 100 gp, and the Bloodstone of Morgai, a huge blood-red ruby whose many facets are covered with relief carvings of strange animal gods and human sacrifices and is said to be cursed. The Bloodstone is worth 500 gp.

Session 4
Daring daylight robbery

Players: Chris Cluck, Don Thorpe, George Perez, Jeremy Condon

After defeating a room of rats and spiders, the party finally finds the stairs out of the sewers, stopping in a third guardroom with a red key on their way. Before leaving they examine the room of levers again, and find that different doors in the room lock depending on what levers are pulled, but eventually decide to leave the mystery behind and leave the sewers. They rest for the night, then head to Morgrim’s office the next morning. Furious at being lost in the sewers for so long, Baldur Bouldermender heads into the headquarters of the Most Honorable Guild of Wealth Redistribution with a huge chip on his shoulder. The party tries to trick Morgrim by offering him only a few hundred silver, which Seltous dumps on his desk, but Morgrim sees through their bluff and demands all the loot they found, as per their deal. As the rest of the party edges carefully towards a window, Baldur angrily throws coins at Morgrim, then finally reaches for his warhammer when he sees Morgrim about to ring a bell on his desk. Seltous, Fuzzy, and Fargrim flee out the window, Morgrim rings the bell and grabs a short sword, and Baldur smashes his nice desk to splinters. Seltous locks the window behind him, so Baldur smashes through it bodily but falls prone in the street below. Morgrim reaches out the window and stabs him twice, bringing him near to unconsciousness. Meanwhile, the rest of the party runs to the ship Morgrim had originally promised them, telling the few crewmen aboard it that their master is in trouble and has sent them to get help. The crewmen are suspicious, and the party kills one then forces the other two to surrender and join the party’s crew. Back at Morgrim’s office, Morgrim’s men arrive, and Morgrim tells Baldur that he won’t kill him, this time, but he will if he ever sees him again. Baldur runs to the docks and gets the sailboat Maggie May ready to sail as archers from the Guild appear on the docks. Under fire from the archers, the party guides their two ships out to sea, but not before taking down a few Guild men with arrows and cannonfire. The party is safe at sea, but have made powerful enemies in the Most Honorable Guild of Wealth Redistribution.

There is a general consensus that the party’s pirate gang shall be named the Street Urchins, and Fargrim suggests the name Filth Fever for the new ship, which meets with resounding agreement.

Experience per player: 306
Treasure gained: 40 gp, 200 sp, red key
Treasure lost: 200 sp (dumped on Morgrim’s desk), the three colored keys (given to Morgrim)

Session 3
In it deep

Players: Robert Griffin, Chris Cluck, Don Thorpe, Grant Martin

Trapped in the sewers beneath Freeport, the party continues exploring, seeking a way out. They fight oozes and rats in a room full of fallen architecture, clear out a few extra rats from the corridors, discover another guardroom containing a green-painted key, and fight more oozes in a room of acid pools, where they discover another of Morgrim’s men inside an ochre jelly. Then they pass carefully through a sewage-filled room on a flimsy metal catwalk, pass less carefully through an empty, smelly chamber, and finally come upon a rubble-strewn room from which the noises of many rats can be heard. There is much blasting down of doors with magic missile.

Experience per player: 313
Treasure gained: 70 gp, 650 sp, green key

Session 2
Into the sewers

Players: Robert Griffin, George Perez, Don Cee, Chris Cluck, Chad Roberts, Nick Webb

After clearing out the temple of Melora, the party picks up new members at the Grinning Goblin. They head to their meeting with Morgrim, who shows them the ship, a pinnace in need of a few hundred GP worth of repairs. They agree that Morgrim will give the party the boat in return for a cut of the wealth they make while using it. Morgrim then takes them to the Most Honorable Guild of Wealth Redistribution offices to talk money, where after some haggling they agree that if the party will perform a mission for Morgrim to prove their trustworthiness, he will agree to let them use the ship for a small percentage of their gains until the 1,000-gp asking price of the boat is paid off (he had originally asked for a hundred percent of their treasure). He will also provide a few men from the Guild to crew the ship. Morgrim informs the party that he has recently sent some of his men to explore the sewers and catacombs of Freeport, and none have returned. He requests that the party see what happened to his men and bring him 100% of the treasure they find on this first expedition as a sign of good faith. The party heads to the sewers, where they battle poisonous sewage, giant rats, and oozes. They find the corpses of four of Morgrim’s men, and take their Guild insignia as proof. They also come upon a room with four levers whose use is as yet unclear, a mysterious guardroom containing a small key painted with faded blue lacquer, and a room that fills with water, trapping the party in a new section of the sewers as they narrowly escape drowning.

Experience per player: 167
Treasure gained: 95 gp, 200 sp, marble statuette of Erathis worth 250 gp, Belt of Resilience (level 1), blue key

Session 1
The adventure begins

Players: Don Thorpe, Robert Griffin, Tony Simpkins, George Perez, Grant Martin

The adventure begins at the Drunk Apprentice, but the party quickly leaves for the Grinning Goblin looking for a fight. They watch a barfight between two minor pirate gangs, the Krakens and the Nightblades, then intimidate a halfling bookie named Mister Hobb into letting them fight the loser. They easily beat the Nightblades, but since nobody has bet on the Nightblades anyway, Hobb has no money to give the party for having bet on themselves. The party takes Hobb’s sailboat, the Maggie May, as payment. They take her for a spin near the island of Freeport, encountering a storm as they return to harbor. They stock up on supplies, then come upon agents of the Pirate Lord Patch casing the waterfront. Keltarr, one of the men, tells them that his boss Morgrim has a larger boat for sale; they agree to meet with Morgrim the next afternoon. Seeking to learn about the city, they recall rumors of a large catacombs beneath the city’s sewer system and learn about a temple of Melora outside the city from a crazy elven street-corner preacher. They find the temple north of the city and clear it of vermin and overgrowth; when the last vines are cleared from the ceiling, a faint ocean breeze fills the temple and a beautiful pattern of light shines upon the far wall, with three brighter dots visible in it.

Experience per player: 170 xp
Treasure gained: 190 gp, the Maggie May


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