Unaligned Genasi Sha'ir Embersoul


Graylon came to be around a volcano, underground in the northern mountains of what’s known as Philhomel. He didn’t seem to fit in with his embersoul brethern, who seemed solely focused on destruction and chaos. Graylon soul was more tempered and contemplative of the world around him. He craved knowledge, not destruction. Unable to convince his peers to pursue a path of enlightenment, he left the confines of the volcano and set out to gain a better understanding of life around him and the mysteries the world presented.

His familiar has been Graylon’s only friend growing up, an efreetkin he has named Trezit. His familiar shares his interests to a degree, and has been his only true travel companion. Not long after he started exploring the surface, he came across a Fey named Braenuld who seemed so amused and intrigued by the rouge Genasi that she traveled with him for a short time. She regaled him with stories of the God Corellon, and how his quest for knowledge could serve Corellon’s wishes. She also warned him of the other races but he naively thought nothing of it, for he wanted to meet and see these beings for himself. For surely they would not be hostile to him for he had done nothing to harm or even provoke.

He is usually a quiet being and prefers to observe before acting. However, recent events have had an unsettling effect as he now harbors a vendetta towards his recent captors, the Philhomel Empire. He feels justified in his actions as he often believes he is doing is the right thing, whether or not others agree.



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