Kings of the Endless Sea

Session 49

Players: Grant, Jeremy, Alison, Chris C., Chris H.

Pondering the mysterious message of the Oracle, the Sea Urchins head for Fort Seagard to make Lucos Cantera’s meeting. They spend a while debating the best plan for getting into the city, and ultimately decide to sit a few days off the coast and wait for a merchant ship to come by. Luckily, they only need to wait two days before a Karstarki merchant ship comes into view.

The Urchins chase down the merchanter, which is named Jewel of a Thousand Seas, and quickly slay everyone aboard, including the leader of the merchant expedition, one Klietus, a Karstarki trader from the deep south desert. The Lady Thief is damaged in the battle, so the Urchins smear it with blood and leave it floating as a ghost ship, hoping that this will be enough to scare off scavengers until they can return for it.

Experience: 1750 XP per player
Treasure found: 520 pounds of silk, 56 bottles of common wine, 2 pounds of fur, 10 gems, 6 vials of perfume. Total value 2,000 gp.



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