Kings of the Endless Sea

Session 54

Escape, Stage 1: fog, dragons, archers

Session 53

Deal with Nemanja, go to docks, try to talk past guards, fail, fight stone guard, time to escape!

Session 52

Bonus Sunday session: fight Nemanja in monster form, he reverts back

Session 51

Kill Kestrel Leigh, escape through building to entry hall, see Nemanja and Stefan Summerbee

Session 56

Players: Chris C, Chris H, Alison, Grant

Return to Lady Thief, sink Shackled Subhuman, sail to Wolfhome uneventfully, etc.

Session 55

Escape, Stage 2: chain, towers, slave ship, hill giants

Session 50

Players: Grant, Chris C, Chris H, Alison, Jeremy

Aboard the Jewel of a Thousand Seas, the Urchins enter Fort Seagard. It is heavily fortified, with a hilltop fort and two imposing towers on either side of the bay. The merchanter is stopped by Ostis Brond, Fort Seagard’s no-nonsense harbormaster. Lyric, wearing Kun Aguero’s nifty hat, tells him that the ship was attacked by pirates and most of the officers slain, leaving her in charge. Brond and his men examine the shipping manifest and go through the cargo carefully, but find nothing out of order.

Then Brand asks to see the crew manifest. Kun Aguero goes to get it, and meanwhile, Brand begins asking the crew their names. Luckily, Kun Aguero is wearing Lyric’s bluetooth headset, and he’s able to read names from the manifest into the ears of the crew (including Lieutenant Jadzmina, whom Lyric is pretending to be). When he returns with the crew manifest, Brand finds that the names and ranks match what he was just told.

Satisfied, Brand lets the Urchins into Fort Seagard. They hire a few stevedores to unload the cargo as slowly as possible as a cover for their movements in the city, then head to the only magic shop in town, a small shop attached to a large factory that produces magic armor and weapons en masse for the government of Philhomel. On the way, they notice that the city is remarkably clean and prosperous.

They deal with Marstis, the proprietor of the magic item shop, and he and Graylon share the mutual respect of fellow spellcasters. The Urchins trade Marstis their Venomous Ki Focus and Distance Longbow for a Hungry Spear for Bronn, and an Aegis Blade and Foe-Fending Shield for Kun Aguero. Marstis gives Graylon his card, and they part friends.

Next, the Urchins stop at the temple of Kord near the fort, doing some sightseeing at one of Philhomel’s great wonders: an enormous statue of Kord, some hundred feet tall, depicting him fighting a dragon with one hand and a girallon with the other. Kun Aguero pays his respects, and buys some stale paprika being passed off as holy incense by a con man. He notices a small skeletal-hand-and-eye symbol scratched into the altar of Kord, and is told by a Kordite priest that it’s a symbol of Vecna, and they constantly appear on Kord’s altars.

With time to kill, the Urchins check in on their goods. They’ve been fully unloaded at the offices of a Philhomen merchant, and Lyric (still pretending to be Jadzmina, and telling the confused merchant that she “had some work done”) sells them off for 2,000 gold. The Urchins then barter for plenty of provisions, including cannonballs of all sorts, sailcloth, food and water, and so on.

Finally, the Urchins head to the eastern fort, where they are supposed to meet with Cantera’s contact. They bluff their way past Danwy Thorp, a recently-promoted guard, and enter the fort. Within, they begin following some officers, but are suddenly accosted by a shape from the shadows. He says he will lead them to their rendezvous, and they follow him to a large throne room. Leading the Urchins into the center of the room, the man informs them that he is Lucos Cantera’s contact, Kestrel Leigh, Philhomel’s master of spies. Leigh is a nondescript man in drab brown clothes with one dead eye.

Leigh tells them that he’s well aware of who they are and why they’ve come, not believing for a second that they’re part of the Rico Suaves. He explains that he has been waging a holy war against Melora via the Rico Suaves, who were just hired guns. By defiling Melora’s temples with symbols of Vecna, Leigh intends to weaken the patron goddess of the Ruby Sea to aid Philhomel’s takeover attempt. He then informs the Urchins that they can either agree to aid him, taking the place of Cantera and the Rico Suaves, or they can get tossed in a dungeon and tortured for whatever they might know.

The Urchins choose to fight.

Experience: 1750 xp per player
Treasure found: 2,000 gp

Session 49

Players: Grant, Jeremy, Alison, Chris C., Chris H.

Pondering the mysterious message of the Oracle, the Sea Urchins head for Fort Seagard to make Lucos Cantera’s meeting. They spend a while debating the best plan for getting into the city, and ultimately decide to sit a few days off the coast and wait for a merchant ship to come by. Luckily, they only need to wait two days before a Karstarki merchant ship comes into view.

The Urchins chase down the merchanter, which is named Jewel of a Thousand Seas, and quickly slay everyone aboard, including the leader of the merchant expedition, one Klietus, a Karstarki trader from the deep south desert. The Lady Thief is damaged in the battle, so the Urchins smear it with blood and leave it floating as a ghost ship, hoping that this will be enough to scare off scavengers until they can return for it.

Experience: 1750 XP per player
Treasure found: 520 pounds of silk, 56 bottles of common wine, 2 pounds of fur, 10 gems, 6 vials of perfume. Total value 2,000 gp.

Session 48
The Meloracle

Players: Chris C, Chris H, Alison, Jeremy, Don T, Grant

The Urchins examine the head they’ve discovered. The words “Only the brave may seek the oracle, and only the worthy shall find” are inscribed in silvery runes in a circle around the tube where the head floats. Ultimately, Kun Aguero tosses Fuzzy into the tube, and he retrieves the head. It doesn’t float while outside the tube, and has a faint magical aura, but is otherwise inert.

The party begins exploring the caverns. They first find a room with smashed and shattered mechanical junk all over the floor, but more interestingly, a chained-up genasi mage named Graylon who joins up with them. He knows a bit more about the temple and the hill giants living here, and tells the Urchins that there had been some agents of Philhomel here but they’ve left.

As they continue to explore, the Urchins find various body parts that seem to match the head: two arms, two legs, and two tentacles. They fight more hill giants for the two legs, which are found in a pile of refuse. Another room features an adamantine box and an orrery consisting of a jeweled globe of New Arcentis and the inscription “Time crumbles all to dust” around which a small sun moves. Rotating the sun from east to west causes the adamantine box to crumble to dust, revealing a tentacle. The globe also disintegrates, leaving behind a few jewels. Corlynn takes samples of the dust of both the box and globe.

One arm is guarded by natural golems of wood, which are swiftly dispatched by mages’ fire. The other is found at the center of a mass of writing, lashing plants that springs up from nowhere in a large chamber. Finally, the second tentacle is found in a room with a mirror and an empty chest. The tentacle can be seen reflected in the mirror inside the chest, and when the Urchins flip the mirror on its side, the tentacle falls out.

With all these pieces in hand the Urchins head to the final room of the cavernous temple, through two huge double doors. There they find a viney throne upon which they reconstruct the creature whose parts they’ve been carrying around. It speaks an oracular vision:

I see bodies in hot city streets, sick with fear and cold,
long hair falling white from a head bowed over a black cauldron,
an ancient body animated only by an ancient grudge,
kept warm in the endless winter by dreams of a bloody star.

I see a room painted with an angel’s blood to pay for a sweet deception,
death unmasking a devil’s face in a room of magic,
while the blind truth disappears down echoing halls of slime
and deals with shadows on moonlit shores.

I see shadows forming ranks with spear and shield,
gathering like stormclouds to crash thunder and rain blood on every land,
gifting red gold in a godwar against the sun and wind,
fearful of those that burn off and blow away the mists of secrecy.

XP: 2000 xp per player
Treasure found: gems worth 600 gp

Session 47

Players: Grant, Chris H, Chris C, Alison, Jeremy

Having defeated the kraken, the Urchins follow a goat path near the giant’s skeleton deeper into the mountainous island. After following the trail for a while, they find steep stairs cut into the highest mountain peak. As they climb, they see wishes and prayers cut into the rock in every language.

At the top of the stairs there is a small landing with a cave mouth. Entering the cave the party finds a hill giant and an ettin sitting around a floating lantern. They defeat the giants with the help of a man with no memory who wakes up in the shadows of the cave as the fighting begins. He wears the uniform of a Philhomen officer but cannot recall who he is or why he’s here.

The Urchins find 500 gold on the giants’ bodies, and discover a staircase leading down into the mountain. They follow this down until they come to a large chamber with seven more exits leading from it: three to each side plus huge double doors ahead of them in the center. In the center of the room is a clear cylinder, in which a severed head floats.

XP: 1650 per player
Treasure: 500 gp, floating lantern (taken by Lyric)


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